From the convenor of Souvenir Committee

Dear Patrons, Well Wishers, Members of Uttarayan and Friends,


I am extremely pleased to publish our souvenir on the eve of Kali Puja and Diwali Utsav. Uttarayan, a socio-cultural club has been making impressive progress in organising spectacular and varied events year after year during Sree Sree Kali Puja and Diwali Utsav.

Our Souvenir is a reflection of our diverse culture with writings like short stories, poem, articles and important information contributed by our members. During this occasion we publish this souvenir which is compiled and organized painstakingly by the souvenir sub-committee of Uttarayan

The souvenir has been transformed many folds not only by the works but also by the quality of material and matter both. This year's souvenir has been the result of great team work comprising of Sanjay Dutta, Sabyasachi and supported by the sub-committe's chairman Mr.Aroni Sen. I can not ignore Chanchal's and Sushanto's effort of whom have spent end less hours at the Printer's place. I also thank our president Dr. Ashok Sadhukhan for his continuous support and encouragement.

The great tea work has contributed in making an excellent souvenir. A lot of effort, time and patience has gone into creating this unique souvenir by all the team members of the souvenir sub-committee. We looj forward to your continued supportby contributing to our souvenir inthe coming years.

With best wishes.

Dr. Ruchira Sarbajna

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