The General Secretary

As we all are aware that Uttarayan is more popular for organising Kali puja and Diwali festival in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for 39 years. But in recent years one more feather has been added to our beloved Uttarayan’s cap i.e to organise famous Bengali drama and jatra for our member’s as well as Bengali community in Hyderabad & Secunderabad by bringing various popular and renowned Theatre Groups from Kolkata. As we step into the august environs of our fifth Bengali drama festival, I extend my warm wishes to all the members of Uttarayan, as well as Bengali community of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Modern Bengali drama / theatre refers to theatre performed in the Bengali language from post Girish Ghosh era spear headed by Rabindranath. Subsequently the baton of Bengali Theatre was successfully carried forward by Sisir Bhaduri (Oct’89-June’1950), Shambhu Mitra (Aug’1915-May’97), Utpal Datta (March’1911-Aug’93), Ajitesh Bandopadhyay (born: 30 September 1933 - October 13, 1983) to name a few. For the Bengali theatre lovers of Hyderabad and Secunderabad this year it would indeed be a very happy news that the connoisseurs comes straight from the cultural laboratory of Debesh Chatterjee and play right by Ajitesh Bandopadhyay. On May 7, Saudagarer Nauka which has won many hearts not only in Kolkata but in abroad also would be staged by Kolkata's Sansriti Group and directed by Debesh Chatterjee at newly renovated auditorium of Bharatiya Vidyabhavan, Baseerbagh. This is one occasion where people from the twin cities of Bengali community get an opportunity to enjoy a classic drama acted by popular and well established Bengali actors and actress of Kolkata. The main attraction of the drama will be obviously the star artists like Debshakar Haldar, Neel Mukherjee and Sudipta Chakraborty. Debshankar being one of the most busiest theatre personalities in the country apart from his popular TV show & silver screen performances, his on stage brilliant performance in any kind of role made him a tremendous crowd puller. We saw him in the previous occasions in “Nachni” in 2015 along with Rudra Prasad Sengupta and Sathilekha. Uttarayan has started organising this programme since 2011 and is continuing with the same. The uniqueness of this year drama fest is the involvement of members from other Bengali cultural organisations of Hyderabad like BIH, Utsav, HBS and BSS It has given us lot impetus to carry out the same in future may be in a bigger scale. Uttarayan takes the pride of organising this drama festival by bringing popular and famous Group of Kolkata almost every year. This drama gives us an opportunity to unite and celebrate our mother land’s culture and heritage otherwise it will be having a decaying effect on the generations to come. Our thirty nine year old socio cultural organisation has grown progressively and has created its own niche in cultural field. We will remain grateful to all our members for their support, involvement and encouragements. I am very appreciative for the faith and support you had all showered on us. I thank all patrons, advisers, sponsors, advertisers, public staff, printers, stall owners for their positive cooperation. I am indebted to our seniors, who have blessed our efforts. We are expecting a great success of this year drama as we have tried to increase our reach by undertaking promotional activities thro’ FB page which was opened exclusively for this purpose. The present committee has received hands down and total support from our members.

Best Wishes

Dr. Chanchal Sarbajna

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